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Why You Should Book Professional Hair & Makeup for Your Elopement

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Every woman should feel confident in how she looks on her wedding day. Even if she is eloping with no guests present, she will want to look her best so she can feel her best. If she and her fiancé have booked an elopement package with photography, there is even more incentive to find a local salon that specializes in both hair and makeup. When a couple is eloping to a different city with no guests, that means the bride probably won’t have anyone to help her make sure her outfit, makeup and hair look right. So, finding the perfect salon will be a huge comfort.

There are a few things to keep in mind when booking hair and makeup for your elopement.

First, you need to time it well. Find out how much time the salon needs for your appointment, see if they have availability on your wedding day, and then see how much time it will take to get from the salon to the venue. Second, you need to prepare yourself that your professionally done hair and makeup will not look the same way you look every day, nor should it. The hair style will be more coiffed, and if you have long hair, they may suggest an up-do. Your makeup will be heavier and darker than your everyday makeup, as is should be. You want the hair to present well in photos, and you want the makeup to show up well against the photographer’s flash. You may also want the makeup to cover any flaws since you will be looking at these photos for years to come. Finally, If you are eloping, you have already saved thousands of dollars by not having the large traditional wedding, so allow yourself the small indulgence of having professional artists take care of you and make you look your absolute best on your very special day.

We recommend Harlow Salon on Music Row in Nashville which is just a few blocks away from two of the three Rich Events elopement venues. You will find information about Harlow and our elopement packages at

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