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Why You Should Book an Elopement Combo Package

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

What do I need to elope in Nashville? How do I find an elopement venue in Nashville? How do I find a minister to officiate a Nashville elopement? How can I find an elopement photographer in Nashville? These are some of the questions you may be asking as you try to make your plans to elope, especially if you live in another state or overseas. If you are asking all these individual questions, you should book an elopement combination package that brings all these things together under one roof in one package. If you live in Europe and want to elope in Nashville, or if you live in another part of the U.S. and want to find the best place to elope in the United States, or if you live across town, booking an elopement combo package is the way to go. When you elope, there are a few key things you must have including an elopement venue, an elopement officiant, an elopement photographer and of course you need a marriage license. No combo package can provide the marriage license, but the right vendors will point you in the right direction and make sure you know what you need and when you need to get it. When you book a combo package that includes the venue, officiant and photographer, you save yourself a lot of time and headaches since you’ve not having to coordinate all the moving parts like some sort of wedding planner/travel agent. The companies that really do a combo package well, will also have upgrades to enhance the experience as well as recommendations for other vendors you may also need, such as hotels, hair stylist, makeup artist, florist, car service and restaurants. When you find an elopement combo package that brings together the venue, officiant and photographer, you can have some peace of mind that things will go so smoothly since everyone already works together and knows a routine and understands the timeline. If you want more information on elopement package options in Nashville, TN, visit us online at

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