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Why you should book an elopement photographer

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Don’t hire a wedding photographer to shoot your elopement. Hire an elopement photographer to shoot your elopement. Yes, there is a difference! There are many differences between elopements and traditional weddings, but the key here is time. It is not unusual for a wedding photographer to meet with a couple before the wedding, get to know them, shoot an engagement session before the wedding, and then to spend 12 to 14 hours (or more) with the couple, bridal party and guests on the wedding day, and then sometimes they will shoot a post-wedding brunch the next day. A wedding photographer who is used to that type of work thinks in terms of days and hours, not minutes. She will want to scope out the place in advance, bring cases of gear, and additional second-shooters and assistants to bring it all together. The elopement photographer can’t work that way at all. She has to keep the gear and personnel to a minimum. She has one shot a at getting it right. She won’t have a 30 or 40-minute ceremony to get lots of different shots and angels. She may only have 5 minutes. She won’t have an hour after the ceremony to take formal shots of the couple and guests. She might only have another 10 or 20 minutes, depending on the package booked. You want the best possible experience on your wedding day, and you want the best possible pictures. Be sure to hire an elopement photographer who can get the quality pictures that you want in the time allowed. You want a photographer who already knows your venue, its rules and its lighting needs. You don’t want a photographer who doesn’t understand the time constraints of an elopement. You certainly don’t want a photographer who doesn’t understand or respect the photography rules at the venue. Elopements of Nashville shoots all Rich Events elopements. They have been working with Rich Events since 2008, so they bring years of expertise to your work, plus they are well-acquainted with elopements and the three venues managed by Rich Events. They are featured our website and in many of our social media posts. Visit us online at

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