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Why you should book a venue that specializes in elopements

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Elopements truly are unique events in the wedding world. There are several elements to a successful elopement, and the venue is key. Of course, you want the place where you elope to be pretty! You want your surroundings and the backdrop for your photos to be attractive, but there’s more to it than that. The most important thing your elopement venue needs is privacy. You don’t want random people wandering into your ceremony or photos. You also want

a location that is quiet. That rooftop venue downtown might seem hip and cool, but the noise from the city can have a serious impact on your ceremony. You also want a space that looks appropriate for an intimate gathering, that will work well in photos. A grand cathedral might be your dream, but it may look odd with no guests, or just two or three.

You may have your heart set on an outdoor elopement, possibly in a urban setting overlooking a city, or perhaps in a farm setting or in a beautiful garden setting. You might be considering an adventure elopement in some exotic location like a waterfall or a cave. There are several things to consider with an outdoor or adventure elopement including noise, heat, cold, rain, humidity, insects, animals, parking, and access, and the position of the sun, just to mention a few. Before you book an outdoor elopement, you need to have a backup plan. If you are 24 hours out from your elopement and there is a 50% chance of rain, you’ll want to move to “Plan B.” You should give as much thought and planning to your “Plan B” as you give to your “Plan A” since there is often times a 50% chance that’s where your ceremony and photos will happen. If you don’t like Plan B, then perhaps Plan A isn’t a good idea!

You want an elopement venue that offers both indoor and outdoor spaces for photos, even if the ceremony is held indoors. You want the indoor space to be private, attractive, quiet and you want it climate controlled. You want a space that has an appropriate scale for an intimate group, or just for the couple eloping if there are no guests. You also want a location that is easy to locate, access and one that has good parking. A venue that specializes in elopements and does them well should bring all of these elements together. To learn more, visit us at

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