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Who can marry you in Tennessee?

Updated: Feb 25

Before you can plan your wedding, you should think about who can marry you in Tennessee. Tennessee officiant requirements were updated by the legislature in 2021 to clarify that online ordinated is not acceptable, but Notaries Public are now authorized to officiate weddings. So, if you want to know how to become an officiant in Tennessee if you’re not clergy or an elected official, you can become a Notary Public. If you want to have a friend or relative act as your wedding officiant, but that person doesn’t have the time to go through the process of becoming a notary, there is another option. You can have a qualified officiant legally marry you in and sign your marriage license in a private elopement, and let your friend or relative officiate your public ceremony. Many couples take this option when they plan to have a destination wedding in another country to have the security and convenience of an American marriage license. If you are looking for a good elopement option in Nashville, visit

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