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Wedding Video, Live Streaming & Songwriters

Dak Alley has been shooting weddings and elopements for Rich Events since 2009. In 2011, he shot and produced two TV commercials for us which helped launch one of his specialties, wedding video and live streaming. Before Dak got into the wedding business, he had a successful career here in Nashville as a songwriter. His songwriter connections and his wedding photography came together in 2019 with his book, "It Goes a Little Something' Like This" which is a fascinating collection of interviews with Nashville's most successful songwriters. His book led to his successful web show which he and his wife, Angie produce, Nashville Underground Tonight. Angie and Dak work as a husband-and-wife team shooting weddings and their web show. If you are considering video and photos for your Nashville elopement, check out Angie's and Dak's website,

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