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  • Rev. Brandon Rich

Walk More, Pray More, Eat Less

Just finished a 4 mile maintenance walk at Owl Creek Park in Brentwood. This park is just down the road and around the corner from where my house is being built in Nolensville. I used to walk here years ago and look forward to putting this back into rotation by the summer. It is so important to keep up the work of maintaining your calories and your miles after losing a large amount of weight like I did last year. Losing 130 pounds was difficult, but worth it. Keeping the weight off is actually even harder, but worth the work. It is a very simple formula. Walk more and eat less. Create and maintain a calorie deficit every day to lose the weight and then keep a balance between what you eat and how much you burn to keep it off. It’s not magic. It’s not rocket science. There’s no trick. There is no shortcut. Hard work and dedication will do it. I don’t just walk to keep the weight off. I love being outside to get fresh air, and I love the time to think and pray. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day.

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