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Traditional Wedding vs Eloping

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

This couple came all the way from Maryland for their elopement with friends & family in Nashville!
Rev. Rich at Nashville's Country Music Hall of Fame

"This wedding is getting out of hand!"  "I can't please everyone!"  "We can't afford this wedding!"  "Can I have a decent wedding on a small budget?"  "What about eloping?"  "Is there more than just a courthouse elopement?"  "Do I have to go to Las Vegas to elope?"  Are these some of the thoughts you have had while trying to plan your wedding? Did you start out on a path to a traditional wedding ceremony and reception, but have realized how much work, planing, money and stress is involved? If you still want to marry in an elegant setting, but without all the costly trappings, you've come to the right place.

Over 10,000 couples get marriage licenses in the greater Nashville area every year. It takes all kinds of weddings and elopements to marry all those couples, and I officiate for many of them. Some have large weddings with tens of thousands of dollars spent. Some have intimate elopements with few or no guests, and with modest budgets. I have couples from here in Nashville who live just steps from my venues. I have married dozens of couples from Canada, Australia, the U.K., all over Europe, Asia and beyond. What is the right choice for your wedding? What is your budget? What are your priorities? What is your timeline? Who are you trying to please or appease? What is your dream wedding? Perhaps you have been planning a big wedding but the stress and expense of it all is overwhelming and you want something simpler, but you don't know what do do or where to start. If that's you, well...we can help!

These are the types of issues I can help you sort out. You can review the various package options on my website, buy a copy of my memoir, check our my social media accounts, or simply send me a message or pick up the phone and call me (during my business hours, please). Over the course of the next new months, I will add new entries to this blog to help couples decide on the best wedding or elopement option for them.

If you want the big wedding in Nashville, I can help you with that. If you want something smaller, more intimate, more affordable, but still elegant and memorable, I can certainly help you with that!

Hoping to be your wedding officiant!

Rev. Brandon Rich

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