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  • Rev. Brandon Rich

The Coronavirus and Weddings

Let's face facts. As I write this blog, millions of people in America and around the world are also sitting at home, sheltering in place - - and many are not drawing a paycheck. This is going to have a cascading ripple effect on many couples' wedding plans. Some couples who have planned large weddings have already had to cancel them as their venues have shut down and vendors can't work. Even after this crisis passes, many more couples will still feel the lingering economic effects of the pandemic and will no longer be able to move forward with the large weddings they had planned. Many brides and grooms have lost their jobs, and many who are themselves business owners will be strapped for cash and simply unable to afford big weddings this year. Many couples will have to evaluate their situation and prioritize. As someone who has spent nearly 20 years in the wedding business, I can tell you that couples can still have meaningful and memorable weddings that are affordable and easy to plan. Couples, please know that you don't have to spend the equivalent of the cost of a condo to have a lovely and graceful wedding. I've been part of many weddings that cost into the six figures, and I've been involved in many more that were quite intimate with just a few hundred dollars spent on everything to do with the ceremony. At the end of the day, the couple who spends $100,000.00 on their wedding is no more married than the couple that spends $100.00. There are intimate and elegant elopement options for just the couple, and for the couple with a small group of friends and family. If you are now looking to elope in Nashville rather than have a big wedding because of the effects of the Coronavirus, my team can help. We have lots of options on our website, We will get through this crisis and when we do, you can still get married and make new memories.

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