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Outdoor Elopements

Updated: Feb 25

Lots of couples want to elope outside in Nashville. Brides love the idea of eloping in nature and getting married by the water. Rich Events and Elopements of Nashville can help you to elope outside in Nashville, or even to elope inside with great outdoor photos after your elopement, but there are some important things to consider. Nashville has four distinct seasons which means warm springs, hot summers, cool falls and cold winters. Nashville also gets a lot of rain and has high humidity in the summer. When a couple is contemplating an outdoor ceremony, there is a realistic chance of rain, humidity, extreme heat or cold, insects, and unwelcomed noise which may be part of your special day. Did you know that direct sunlight in the middle of the day is not only going to make your ceremony uncomfortably hot, but it will be the worst possible lighting for your photos? The best outdoor lighting is at “golden hour” in the hour before sunset, or any time when the sky is overcast. If you’re thinking out eloping outside in the summer or winter, think about that very carefully. Ladies, do you really want to be outside when its windy, 30 degrees while wearing a sleeveless silk dress? Gentlemen, do you really want to be outside in a coat and tie in the broiling sun when its 95 degrees? Pictures on Pinterest and Instagram may make you swoon, but the reality of the things not reflected on screen should make you take a moment to think through your plans. When you think back on your ceremony and look at your pictures, you want to remember it fondly, not regret a miserable experience. For more information, visit

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