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  • Rev. Brandon Rich

My Sunny Girl Lab

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

We were sitting on the couch one evening in late October 2021 looking at posts from our neighborhood's Facebook group. One of our neighbors had gotten a puppy two weeks prior, but their son became quite ill and they were no longer able to care for a puppy and a sick child. The puppy had to be re-homed. I had already planned on getting a Boston Terrier puppy in February as a housewarming gift from my photographers, but this beautiful little blonde baby needed a home. My heart melted in the floor like a stick of butter in the microwave. On November 1, 2021, we met little Sunny by the event barn and silos in our neighborhood. She was the prettiest and sweetest little puppy in the history of all Christendom! I looked at her owner and said, "Please take my money. I have to have this puppy!" Visit Rev. Brandon Rich online at

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