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How I Did It: What I Didn't Do.

Now that I've told the world about my 120-pound weight loss, my Instagram and Facebook feeds are full of congratulatory messages, but also lots of questions about how I did it. Today's post will begin the journey of sharing how I did it by talking first about what I DIDN'T do.

I did not have bariatric surgery.

I did not have cosmetic surgery.

I did not hire a personal trainer.

I did not hire a fitness coach.

I did not hire a nutritionist.

I did not join a gym.

I did not adhere to any popular/fad diet plan.

I did not make daily posts in social media regarding my nutrition or physical activity.

I did not spend large amounts of money on expensive running shoes or outfits.

I did not subscribe to a food delivery service or buy special diet plan foods.

I did not spend a lot of money any part of this very successful weight loss journey! This is actually a very important part of what I want to share with everyone. There are lots of ways you can spend money on weight loss and fitness, and some of those things have great value, but you can also waste a LOT of money on things that may not help you nearly as much as you would like. To be fair and upfront, I will tell you that I started my weight loss journey with one great advantage. Other than my obesity, I didn't have any health issues at all. I've never been seriously ill. I've never had a serious injury, expect for a cracked rib 20 years ago. I don't have to take any prescription medications for any chronic illnesses. I don't have any food allergies or anything like that. I tell you this so you'll know that I began my fitness journey with a clean slate. I could engage in whatever types of physical activity and consume whatever type of foods and beverages I chose that worked for me. Many of you have more challenges than I did and may need to consult your physician before beginning a new fitness and nutrition regime. As I start this journey with you, the first major thing I want you to know is that there was no quick fix, no magic easy answer, but the up side is that the way I did this was quite simple and quite inexpensive. Today's post has talked about the things I DIDN'T do on this journey. My next post will begin to to share things that I DID do. If I can do it you, you can do it!

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