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Fall Elopements

Updated: Feb 25

We are now in late fall, so most of the pretty leaves have already gone and we are into the Christmas season. If you like to plan ahead with plenty of time, this is a great time to start thinking about Fall elopements in Nashville for 2023. There are several key things to consider. If you want pretty leaves in your photos, make sure you aim for the right time of the season. In Nashville, leaves are usually at their peak in late October and early November. This is always subject to change, depending on how hot and how wet or dry the summer was. Next, you need to think about the types of trees that live around the venues you are considering. Try to find samples photos of previous fall weddings or elopements and if possible, ask questions of the venues to pinpoint best locations, best date range and best time of day. For some, the appeal of a fall elopement may have more to do with cooler temperatures and avoiding the holiday rush. Whatever the draw, keep in mind that in Nashville, October is the #1 most popular month for weddings and elopements and has been for many years. (I can hear the Baby Boomers and their parents saying “I thought June was the busy month for weddings.” Yes, it was in the 1950s. Times have changed.) So, if you want to elope in the fall of any year, don’t wait until summer and think you can hop online and get a Saturday ceremony in October. It won’t happen! You have to plan well in advance. For more information, visit

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