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  • Rev. Brandon Rich

Engagement Season

There has been a statistic in the wedding industry for a long time that around half of all marriage proposals happen between November and February, with the majority of them happening around Christmas and New Year’s, and another bump on Valentine’s Day. This has translated into January 2 being the day every year when my phone rings off the hook with newly-engaged brides beginning the search for the best places to get married in Nashville. Many of these couples are trying to find out how to get married in Tennessee, and Rich Events is ready to help! The big mistake that couples make is not doing their homework. Vendors and venues book up months in advance for popular times of the year, especially on the weekends. Before couples start making plans, they really need to figure out what kind of wedding they want, where they want to have it, when they want to have it, how much they can spend, and then see what’s available. They also need to think about the legal requirements for getting a marriage license where they want to marry. Flexibility and realistic expectations are key. Doing lots of research is key. So, if you think you want to get married in 2023, know that a lot of other couples are getting engaged during the holidays and will be out in force looking for venues and vendors. Don’t delay, plan today! For more information, visit

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