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Elopement Packages with Photography

There are several key elements to consider when booking an elopement package in Nashville. Of course, you need a place to elope and an elopement officiant (those are Rich Events’ two specialties), you need a Tennessee marriage license, and you need someone to marry! Elopement Combo packages make the experience so much easier than trying to piece it all together yourself, especially if it is a destination elopement. In an ideal situation, you want to find a package that includes the venue, the officiant and good quality and affordable elopement photography. When you find an elopement combo package that includes photography, you should be able to expect that the photographer will already know what equipment to bring in terms of lenses and lighting. They will also already know the best places to shoot different photos after the ceremony. Even the best photographer is at a disadvantage if he or she walks into an elopement having never shot at the venue before. Even more important than that is having an elopement photographer who is familiar with the expected length of the ceremony and how much total time is available for pre-ceremony, ceremony and post-ceremony photos. Elopements work best when they happen with a team of vendors who work together regularly, and in the same venues. This is the seamless experience that Rich Events and Elopements of Nashville offer. Visit to lean more about our Nashville elopement packages.

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