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Destination Elopements

You may be sitting at home asking yourself, “Where is a great place for a destination elopement?” Many people from all around North America, Europe, Asia and Australia come to Nashville, Tennessee to visit Music City USA every day of the year, but especially during CMA Music Fest, formerly known as Fan Fair. Lots of these same tourists also visit Memphis for Elvis and The Blues, and Knoxville and east Tennessee for the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Lots of people choose to forgo the big wedding, or even a big destination wedding and choose a destination elopement. The idea is simple. You plan a fun vacation in one of your favorite destinations and you elope while you are there. Your next step is to find the perfect destination elopement package in the location where you land. There are several important things to consider as you make your plans. Will this be a legal ceremony with marriage license, or will it be just ceremonial? Will it be just the two of you, or will you have guests? Are you going to dress up in formal wedding attire, or keep it casual? Do you want to have professional hair and makeup, or are you going to keep it simple? Are you going to exchange rings? Are you going to write your own vows, or go with whatever the officiant offers? Do you want professional photography? Do you want the ceremony to be indoors or outdoors? These and other questions need to be asked and answered before your trip, not during it. Getting married, even with an elopement, does require a certain amount of planning, especially if you want a legal ceremony with a proper officiant and a signed marriage license. Despite what you may have seen in movies and on television, getting married doesn’t just happen on a whim. Decide what you want, where you want it, when you want it and then do the research and planning necessary to make it happen. The best elopement packages in Nashville can be found with

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