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Coronavirus/Covid-19 and Weddings

We are all affected by the Coronavirus, even if we are not infected. Many of my couples have postponed their weddings and elopements to future dates to make it easier and safer for themselves and their guests to travel. Other couples are pressing forward with existing plans, but with smaller guests counts and exercising extreme caution and social distancing. I have also has some new couples accelerate their wedding plans and choose a small elopement now and put off the large wedding until the pandemic passes. As of today, March 19, 2020, the Davidson County Clerk here in Nashville, TN has moved the Marriage & Notary Desk to the South Branch satellite office since that facility has glass partitions which provide protection between the couples and the clerk's employees. Rich Events venues, Belmont Mansion and Skinner Chapel are still functioning. The Davidson County Clerk Marriage & Notary Desk is still functioning, just at a different location. So, if you still want to get married in Nashville, you can and Rich Events can make it happen.

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