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  • Rev. Brandon Rich

Children at Elopements

Rich Events has been in business for 16 years, and in that time we’ve hosted and officiated over 8,000 ceremonies, including both traditional weddings and elopements. Many couples have children at their ceremonies, either seated among the guests or as part of the standing bridal party. For the past few years, we have focused all our attention on elopements, which means an intimate number of people with a brief time at the venue for ceremony and photos. It is all the more important that couples understand what children bring to an elopement. We have had a rule in place in our elopement contracts for many years that requires the couple to bring another adult, someone other than the couple eloping, to be with them to supervise, and when necessary, comfort a small child during the ceremony and photos. When you’ve been in the wedding business as long as we have, you’ve seen everything many times over. We’ve seen babies scream at the top of their lungs during an entire ceremony. We’ve seen toddlers walk around the ceremony, demanding to be held by their parents, or stand between or in front of them. We’ve seen couples’s entire time completely overwhelmed by a child requiring lots of attention. We certainly understand that couples with children want to include them in their special day. We also know that every bride and groom should be able to have at least one moment in time when everything can be focused on them as a couple, especially at their wedding. So, if you plan to elope with us at Rich Events, bring a trusted friend or relative to your elopement who can hold your baby or sit with your toddler and tend to him or her while you give yourself a few minutes just to be a happy couple.

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