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Alabama Marriage Licenses

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

If you live in the State of Alabama, you may be concerned about getting married there, and for good reason. The Alabama state legislature has changed the way couples legally marry in their state. Several articles have come out about this topic, and I've linked an article here from Alabama no longer issues traditional marriage licenses the way they used to, the way other states still do. We have already seen several Alabama couples elect to come to Tennessee to get married to insure that they will have a traditional Marriage License going into the wedding, and then receive a traditional Certificate of Marriage after the wedding. If you are one of our neighbors to the south and would like the comfort of a traditional marriage license and marriage certificate, I welcome you to come to Nashville! You can come up here, get your Tennessee Marriage License and schedule a legal elopement right here with me at one of my venues, and still have your public ceremony back home in Alabama for your friends and family. If you prefer to have a destination wedding and have everyone come up here, I can point you in the right direction for that option as well. The process of obtaining a Tennessee Marriage License is quite simple, and you still have the conventional and traditional paperwork that records your legal marriage. Click here to visit the website for Nashville's Davidson County Clerk - Marriage Division.

Hoping to host your destination elopement in Nashville!

Rev. Brandon Rich

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