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Lawfully Wedded Life

Rev. Brandon Rich 
Wedding Officiant, Venue Operator & Author 

Lawfully Wedded Life is a memoir of Brandon's many years working full time as a wedding officiant and venue operator, with a few funny stories of his growing up in the South. Rev. Rich has kept a few copies, so if you ask nicely, he might let you buy one - maybe. 

Rev. Rich's book is collection of stories from the 4,000 + weddings he had officiated and hosted through 2017 when he wrote the book. He continues to do hundreds of ceremonies per year, so his count is now well above 7,000 and still climbing! If you buy this book hoping to use it to plan your wedding...well, you might find it more useful as a collection of examples of things NOT to do at your wedding. A day in the life of a full-time wedding officiant is never dull!   

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