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Contact Information & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our regular business hours are 8AM to 8PM Monday - Saturday, and Sunday from 2PM to 8PM.

Please note: Rev. Rich is always on the move! He has meetings in the Belmont Mansion offices of Rich Events, as well as ceremonies at Belmont Mansion and Skinner Chapel almost every day. He also takes care of a lot of correspondence both from home and the office. Our regular business hours are the times during which Rev. Rich corresponds with clients and schedules weddings and elopements. Rev. Rich does not have regular office hours. All meetings with Rev. Rich and all ceremonies must be scheduled in advance, so please contact us by phone, text message or email to check availability and schedule a time.

We are not set up for any walk-ins. 

Rev. Rich is in church on Sunday mornings until a little past noon, so don't expect a quick response to a Sunday morning message.

 All ceremonies and meetings are by appointment only. No walk-ins. 

 Feel free to email or text us with your quesitons. 

Cell: 615-305-2021 ~ Fax: 615-346-0157  


Please note: Our business number rings on a cell phone. You are welcome to call or text us, but please refrain from calling before 8:00 AM or after after 8:00 PM in the U.S. Central Time Zone, Monday - Saturday, or before 2:00 PM or after 8:00 PM on Sundays. 

We do not offer middle-of-the-night service. You are welcome to email us 24/7. 

We tend to be quite busy with weddings on the weekend, so be patient if you call or text between Friday and Sunday. 

Connect with Rich Events using the social media icons at the top of your screen.

Connect with our venues using social media icons on their pages of this website.


Skinner Chapel Location:

Scarritt Bennett Center      

1031 18th Avenue South    

Nashville, TN 37212         

Parking Lot "A"

Skinner Chapel is on the 1st floor of Fondren Hall 

Office Location:

Belmont Mansion

Belmont Blvd. & Acklen Ave.

Nashville, TN 37212

Mailing Address:

Rich Events
1831 12th Avenue South, Box 431
Nashville, TN 37203

Important Information 

COVID-19 Update 

If you have questions about how the COVID-19 situation affects your plans with Rich Events and learn about your options, please email us using  

Booking and Payment Methods

All packages of service with Rich Events are booked with a contract which can be reviewed, completed, e-signed and submitted from this website. Our clients are issued specific invoices for the packages they book which are paid online with credit card or debit card. Please consult the contract for your specific package for details, or contact us with questions. 

Marriage License

You will need a Tennesee Marriage License in hand before your wedding ceremony, if your wedding is in Tennessee. You may visit the County Clerk in any of the 95 counties in Tennessee to obtain your license. The Davidson County Clerk serves Nashville. ​Click here for their website.​ The Davidson Country Clerk is open Monday through Friday. The only County Clerk in middle Tennessee that has any weekend hours is the Bedford Counry Clerk in Shelbyville, TN. Please note that Shelbyville, TN is 60 miles southeast of Nashville. At present, they are open from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Saturdays. They are closed on Sundays. ​Also, you may not use a marriage license obtained outside the State of Tennessee. 

Tennessee Law for Wedding Officiants

As of July 1, 2019, the State of Tennessee's new law clarifying the qualifications to serve as a wedding officiant take effect. This law clearly states that online ordination is not acceptable for persons wishing to solemnize weddings in Tennessee. Previous Tennessee laws on wedding officiants were not written with online ordination in mind. Previous opionions from the state attorney general were consistent that online ordination did not meet the spirit of the law, but many couples continued to use officiants with online ordination. This new law catches up with online technology and clarifies the situation. Please note that Rev. Brandon Rich was licensed to ministry in June 1998 and ordained to the ministry on March 12, 2000 by First Baptist Church of Nashville, TN. Rev. Rich trained for the ministry at Southwestern Baptist Theoligical Seminary in Fort Worth, TX and has served several churches on staff as senior pastor, interim pastor and minister of music. Not only does Rev. Rich meet and exceed the legal quailifications to officiate a wedding, he has officiated and coordinated over 5,000 weddings in five states, giving him depth and breath of expericne that is virtulaly unparralelled. At its core, this new Tennessee law means that couples here must have someone like Rev. Rich officiate a legal ceremony and complete the marriage license. It is not acceptable to have a friend, relative or any other person go online to obtain ordination for the purpose of acting as a wedding officiant. If a couple has their heart set on a loved one conducting their public ceremony, they must simply contract with someone like Rev. Rich to particiate in the public ceremony or officiate a seperate legal ceremony and then complete the marriage license. Rev. Rich has elopement options for just such a purpose and has offered this very service for many years. 

Alabama Marriage Licenses

If you live in the State of Alabama, you may be concerned about getting married there, and for good reason. The Alabama state legislature has changed the way couples legally marry in their state. Several articles have come out about this topic, and I've linked an article here from Alabama no longer issues traditional marriage licenses the way they used to, the way other states still do. We have already seen several Alabama couples elect to come to Tennessee to get married to insure that they will have a traditional Marriage License going into the wedding, and then receive a traditional Certificate of Marriage after the wedding. If you are one of our neighbors to the south and would like the comfort of a traditional marriage license and marriage certificate, I welcome you to come to Nashville! You can come up here, get your Tennessee Marriage License and schedule a legal elopement right here with me at one of my venues, and still have your public ceremony back home in Alabama for your friends and family. If you prefer to have a destination wedding and have everyone come up here, I can point you in the right direction for that option as well. The process of obtaining a Tennessee Marriage License is quite simple, and you still have the conventional and traditional paperwork that records your legal marriage. Click here to visit the website for Nashville's Davidson County Clerk - Marriage Division

Venue &  Office Visits/Bookings

Please do not stop by Belmont Mansion or Skinner Chapel unannounced. All Rich Events venue previews, planning meetings, weddings, elopements and are scheduled in advance. We offer venue previews and planning meetings for the Getaway Plus Elopements, Friends & Family Elopements, not for the small elopements or other small bookings. Our regular business hours are the times daily when we accept phone calls and when we host scheduled meetings, ceremonies and events. We do not, however, have regular office hours. We are not set up for walk-ins. Please contact us by phone or email to schedule an appointment.​ We cannot guarantee same-day elopements, previews or meetings. Rev. Rich attends church every Sunday morning unitl noon. Sunday hours are 2PM to 8PM, by appointment. 

Booking on Short Notice

We cannot guarantee same-day same day service for ceremonies or meetings. Rev. Rich officiates ceremonies and operates two venues,  so it is best to contact us as far in advance of your preferred event date as possible.  Same-day service is sometimes possible, but it is difficult due to schedule conflicts. Events and especaily weddings are important and we want you to have a good experience. A key element for us is sufficient notice to make our part of your day everything that you expect it to be. 

Recommended and Approved Vendors

Approved Photographers for Elopement Weddings:

Dak Alley Productions 

Dak & Angie Alley


Elopements of Nashville 

Michelle & Michael Blair


Please note that photo packages must match venue packages/time in all elopement bookings where one of our professional photographers is hired by the couple. Clients, guests and photographers may not remain on property at Belmont or Scarritt Bennett Center beyond the elopement package time. 



Curry & Company Luxury Floral Design

Curry McDaniel, Owner & Lead Designer



2700 Belmont Boulevard. Suite C 
Nashville, TN 37212

(615) 385-2402

The Enchanted Florist/Caprice Palmer



A Village of Flowers

1712 21st Avenue 

Nashville, TN  37212

(615) 369-3030


Musicians and DJs:

Wedding Musicians Company/Russell Davis


Kaye Grable, pianist (Classical, Jazz, Pop) 


Viva La Strings/Jacob Tudor



DJ Cale Carver



Calligraphy, Tuxedos, Alterations & Stylist Services:​

The Lyrical Pen - Elegant Calligraphy

Click here to visit their website

(Phone number and email on their site.)

Nashville, TN 37205


Street Tuxedo


Stitch-It & Co. (Alterations and Custom Apparel) 

4101 Hillsboro Circle

Nashville, TN 37215


Breon Hair Salon

2115 Elm Hill Pike

Nashville, TN 37210


John Grimes Hair

Cabinberry Farm in Whites Creek


East Nashville Beard & Barber

Brandon Bain, Master Barber 

726 McFerrin Avenue #3524

Nashville, TN 37207




Old Town Trolley Tours          

Shelby McCoy, Group Sales Rep.

615.578.2489 (cell) 

Grand Avenue

Classic Cars, Limos & Shuttles


Sedan on Demand

Sedans, Limos & Shuttles





Hilton Garden Inn

1715 Broadway Avenue

Nashville, TN 37203



Union Station Hotel

1001 Broadway 

Nashville, TN 37203


Omni Nashville Hotel

250 5th Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37203


Nashville is a booming city with more hotels and restaurants than I could list here. If you are coming from out of town, I encourage you to do some online research on Yelp, OpenTable, and Google. 

Belmont Mansion Details


All elopement weddings at Belmont Mansion are officiated and coordinated by our Director of Weddings & Rentals and his staff. Outside officiants and coordinators are not allowed for elopement weddings. Due to a new Tennessee law, as of July 1, 2019, each couple must secure a properly ordained minister or select government official to officiate their ceremony. Online ordination is not legal in Tennessee. 


All paid professional photography at elopement weddings at Belmont Mansion is restricted to the photography companies approved by the mansion and listed on this website and in our rental contracts. Please use the contact information that we provide here on the website and on our reservation forms and contracts. We have had confusion when couples attempt to look up the vendors on their own. Our approved photographers are Elopements of Nashville and Dak Alley Productions

Belmont Mansion and the surrounding campus maintains a no-alcohol and no-smoking/no-tobacco policy. 


Please note that Belmont Mansion reserves the right to restrict which days of the week and specific dates that will be made available for elopement weddings based on expected market demand for larger traditional weddings and other events.​



Most elopement weddings at Belmont Mansion are scheduled outside of our daily museum tour hours. Due to the private and brief nature of the Studio Elopement, it may be scheduled at virtually any time of the day, provided the Director of Weddings has availability. The Just Married Elopement, Getaway Elopement and Getaway Plus Elopement  may be booked at 5:00 PM (or later) daily, based on availability. The Friends & Family Elopement may be booked at 6:00 PM daily, but due to available parking, we encourage Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 6PM. 


Previews & Meetings 

Belmont Mansion's Director of Weddings & Rentals will offer one bridal preview visit for the Getaway Plus Elopement or Friends & Family Elopement prior to booking. The director will also allow up to two planning meetings for the Friends & Family Elopement  if requested by the couple. Preview and planning meetings are limited to the couple getting married plus two guests. All preview and planning meetings are scheduled and conducted by the Director of Weddings & Rentals personally and by appointment only. Drop-in visits are not possible due to scheduling and staffing issues. No preview or planning meetings are provided for the Studio Elopement, Just Married Elopement or Getaway Elopement.  All weddings at Belmont Mansion are scheduled and booked in advance by appointment only. Drop-in ceremonies are not possible due to scheduling and staffing issues.

Overnight Lodging

Belmont Mansion does not offer lodging of any form, nor does it have a restaurant or any in-house catering. It is a set up as a museum. The mansion rents out the Grand Salon for weddings and events in the evening, after the daily museum tours.  There is no option to spend the night at Belmont Mansion. There are numerous hotels and B&Bs near the mansion, especailly downtown. 


Construction Project 

Belmont Mansion had a major restoration project that began on January 7, 2019. The bulk of the work completed by the end of March.  Weddings resumed in early April. The new floor of the Grand Salon is a faux grained hardwood, similar to the floor in the upstairs bridal gallery. The walls and woodwork will be faux grained to match the work that has already been completed around the grand staircase. Please keep this in mind when you view pictures and videos on this site and if you preview in person for one of the large bookings where previewes are offered. There will be continued work done on the walls, woodwork and cornice over the next several months of 2019 and 2020. There will be a new carpet runner on the staircase once it is designed and manufactured in England. We hope to have the carpet in place some time in 2021. 


Contact Rev. Brandon Rich or read the rental contracts on this website for additional information.  If you would like to learn even more details about all event package options and recommended vendors at Belmont Mansion, click the link provided to visit the website for Belmont Mansion 

Skinner Chapel Details

The Facility

Skinner Chapel is a small venue with twenty gold chiavari chairs for seated guests, as featured in photos. The chancel area with the altar table is also a small space which can accomodate the officiant, the couple getting married and one attendant on each side. It is important that eveyrone involved in a booking, including guests, is aware that this is a small chapel. There is not room for any more guests or bridal party beyond what we have described here on the website. It is a lovely and intimate space, but it is not a large space. 

Skinner Chapel is on the first floor of Fondren Hall on the campus of Scarritt Bennett Center. Ample and free parking is immedialty behind Fondren Hall at 1031 18th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37212 in Scarrit Bennett Center's Parking Lot "A" while parking lot "B" is availalbe for overflow parking. Scarritt Bennett's campus is well-marked with signage to identify the buildings, and there is a directory map next to the Laskey Building when guests exit the parking lot onto the sidewalk. Fondren Hall has a wheelchair accessible entrance on the northeast side of the building. Fondren Hall also has two restrooms, free WiFi and new state of the art central heating and air conditioning. 

Skinner Chapel does not have a bride's room or groom's room. All bridal party and guests must arrive dressed and ready for the elopement ceremony. It is the reponsability of the clients (the bride or groom) to inform guests as to when they should arrive. Our packages allow for a specific amount of time for the entire booking. Bridal party and/or applicable guests must arrive within the time frame of the client's booking.

Overnight Lodging

Scarritt Bennett Center does offer overnight lodging. Rich Events is not involved in options for Scarritt Bennett's lodging or food & beverage services. Please visit for details. 


Rules & Regulations 

All elopement weddings at Skinner Chapel are officiated and coordinated by Rich Events. Outside officiants and coordinators are not permitted.

The Rich Events officiant and staff will enforce all Scarritt Bennett Center campus rules and regulations which include but are not limited to prohibitions of alcohol, smoking, and use of sparklers and other potentially hazardous items.

Availability & Booking 

All elopements at Skinner Chapel are booked in advance, exclusively through Rich Events. Reservations are required. Check with Rich Events for availably and booking. 

The Just Married Elopement is only available for short-term bookings, no more than 60 days in advance

All Rich Events elopement packages at Skinner Chapel are subject to the availability of both Rich Events personnel and the venue, therefore no drop-in ceremonies are permitted. All ceremonies must be requested and booked in advance through Rich Events. 

Click here to review venue availability for Skinner Chapel at Scarritt Bennett Center.

Please note that Rich Events must have personnel available in order to book our three elopement packages. Clients should also check the availability or our approved photographers before booking one of our packages if photography is a consideration. This link only pertains to the availability of the chapel itself, not Rich Events personnel or photographers. 


We offer bridal preivew visits and planning meetings for the Getaway Plus Elopement and the Friends & Family Elopement at Skinner Chapel, but not for the smaller Getaway Elopement or Just Married Elopement. We have multiple photos of the chapel and the surrounding grounds of Scarritt Bennett Center on this website as well as more on our social media accounts and on our photographer's websites to help you make your choice. The smaller two elopements (Just Married and Getaway) are very simple and structured and do not pose a need for planning meetings. 

Skinner Chapel GPS - 1031 18th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37212
Belmont Mansion GPS- Belmont Blvd. & Acklen Avenue, Nashville, TN  37212

Concerned about the new Tennessee state law on wedding officiants? Concerned about the new Alabama marriage license procedures? 

Click here to learn about both and how Rich Events can help you have properly officiated and legal wedding ceremony.  

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