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We have several upgrade options for Belmont Mansion, each designed to enhance your elopement experience.  Some of the upgrades are available to all packages, while others are targeted only to specific packages. Each of the contracts for the six elopement packages lists which upgrades are available and the cost of those upgrades. The information on this page is intended to explain the upgrades in more detail, and when appropriate, to feature photos of some of them. 

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Robe & Stole

Floral Upgrade - $50.00

This upgrade provides a total of three silk floral arragements that were custom designed for Belmont Mansion. There is one large arrangement for the bay window and two smaller arrangements at the staircase The size and colors of the flowers and even the size, shape and color of the urns were all chosen personally by Rev. Rich to coordinate with the color palette in the mansion. The base flowers are cream with some soft pinks to compliment the colors of most weddings. The color, shape and style of the three urns were selected to match the color, style and size of the space. This upgrade must be selected in advance of the wedding day to allow for set up time. This upgrade is available to the Just Married, Getaway and Getaway Plus Elopements. These arrangements are included in the Micro Wedding Ceremony package. 

Candelabra Upgrade - $50.00

The four candelabras are placed at the sides of the  bay window. These are antiques that have been at the mansion for a century. Each candelabra has battery-powered taper candles, each providing a flickering light that add a touch of warmth and elegance to the space during the ceremony and photos. This upgrade must be selected in advance of the wedding day to allow for set up time. This upgrade is available to the Just Married, Getaway, and Getaway Plus Elopements. These candelabras are included in the Micro Wedding Ceremony package. 

Decorative Certificate Upgrade - $25.00

Rich Events has created a customized decorative certificate of marriage and a similar decorative certificate of renewal. These are non-binding, ceremonial, decorative documents intended to commemorate the ceremony and provide a keepsake to take home and display.  Please note that these are not legal documents. They are solely for personal and sentimental purposes. These certificates are customized for each couple, so this upgrade must be selected at least 24 hours before the ceremony. This upgrade is available to all packages at the mansion. 

Personal Delivery of Signed Marriage License - $25.00

Rev. Rich will personally deliver your completed and signed Tennessee Marriage License paperwork to the Davidson County Clerk the next business day after the ceremony. This upgrade is available to all couples in any package booking, but only for licenses obtained at the Davidson County Clerk in Nashvile. Rev. Rich will not make personal deliveries to any other county clerks. 

Robe & Stole Upgrade - $25.00

Rev. Rich can wear his black ministerial robe and white stole for your wedding ceremony. This requires specific attire to be worn underneath the robe and the robe must be brought out of storage, so this upgrade must be requested at least 48 hours in advance of a wedding. This upgrade is available to the Staircase Elopement, Just Married Elopement, Getaway Elopement, Getaway Plus Elopement, and the Micro Wedding Ceremony. 

Elopement Ceremony Samples - $50.00 

Rev. Rich will provide an extensive selection of elopement ceremony samples that go well beyond the standard elopement script. This upgrade must be requested at least 48 hours prior to the ceremony to allow time for selection and processing. This upgrade is available to the Getaway Elopement and Getaway Plus Elopement. These samples are included with the Micro Wedding Ceremony package. 

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Belmont Mansion is Nashville, Tennessee on the interior of the Belmont University campus at the intersection of Acklen Avenue & Belmont BoulevardFor full details or questions on marriage license or other details, please read the contracts for each package or visit the Info & FAQ page of this site. Visit the mansion in Social Media too! You can leave a review for Rich Events at Belmont Mansion using our Google icon or on our Facebook page. Any previews or meetings are by appointment only. Please note that we only offer venue previews and planning meetings for the Micro Wedding Ceremony, not our smaller elopements. You may not stay on campus to take pictures beyond your package contract time. 

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