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Serving couples looking for Nashville elopements is at the heart of what Rev. Brandon Rich does every day. Rev. Rich is a seminary-trained ordained minister and former pastor, and is possibly the most experienced Nashville wedding minister.  Rev. Rich has been officiating weddings since 2001 when he was a full time pastor. Rev. Rich has been officiating and hosting hundreds of weddings and elopements every year since 2007 when he founded Rich Events, and has maintained an impeccable reputation in Nashville, Tennessee.
Rich Events manages all rentals and elopements for Belmont Mansion, plus we host elopements at Skinner Chapel and Spring Haven Gardens If you are on your desktop, laptop or iPad, scroll up to our menu.  If you are on your cell phone, scroll up to the upper right corner of your screen to view our tri-bar menu button.  

Be sure to look at our social media links, and check out our partner photographers from Elopements of Nashville. You'll also find a page for our photographers right here on You can find information about Rev. Rich's memoir and a page devoted to his blog, and much more.  

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Rev. Brandon Rich

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